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Milestones In The History Of IHK

The IHK is formed as a continuation of Homeopathic Medical Association of India. Dr, K.V. John, Dr. N. K. Jayaram, and some eminent doctors had taken part in the National Congress of HMAI held at Calcutta during the 1979-80. Dr. Ravi M. Nair, Dr. C. J. Varghese and Dr. B. Pardhasarathi who had been studying in National Institute of Homeopathy also participated with them in the Congress. Dr. C. J. Varghese continued with its works while he was working as the assistant in the clinic of Dr. K. V. John at Thiruvananthapuram . Then come an idea of “An Association for the Qualified Doctors” and under the leadership of Dr. C. J. Varghese in Thrissur zone and Dr. V. Ravindranathan Pilla, Dr. K.V. Francis, and Dr. Purushothaman in Kannur zone, “Doctors’ Council” came into existence. Dr. C. J. Varghese who was the State Joint Secretary of Keral Unit put forward the idea before HMAI State Executive Council (Meet) held at Kannur. It was unanimously acceptable because of the passive attitude of the national officials and certain discords.

As the first step, an ad hoc committee was formed. Dr. C. J. Varghese was assigned to prepare the bylaw. In due course, formalities of the formulation of association were accomplished.

The ad hoc committee recognized bylaw.

Inauguration of IHK. First State Convention and State Science Seminar held at Jawahar Balabhavan, Kollam. Dr. R. P. Patel presented the paper on Cancer and Homeopathy.

First 7 Units: Alapuzha, Ernakulam, Kannur, Changanacherry, Ranny, Kollam, and Thiruvananthapuram.

First SEC Members: Docs. N. K. Jayaram, P. U. Joseph, K. V. John, Ravi M. Nair, G. Harikumar, G. Lenin, K.V. Pattel, M. M. Haneefa, E. N. Narayana Pilla, K. Mohanan, N. I. Babu, Shaji M. Stanely, K. K. Kalidasan, T. K. Unnikrishnan, and C. J. Varghese.

First State Officeholders:
President:                       Dr. Ravi M. Nair.
Vice-Presidents:              Docs. N. I. Babu and G. Lenin.
Gen. Secretary:               Dr. C. J. Varghese.
Joint Secretary:               Dr. K. K. Kalidasan.
Treasurer:                       Dr. N. K. Jayaram.
Zonal Organizing Secretaries:  Docs. E. N. Narayana Pilla and T. K. Unnikrishnan.

General Secretary expressed his desire to publish a monthly news bulletin called IHK NEWS and resolved to publish from the month of February

onwards. A subcommittee, with Dr. N. I. Babu, as the Chairman, was assigned to submit a report on Cooperative Pharmacy, Alapuzha.

First issue of IHK NEWS in February 1987 written and published by the first Gen. Secretary, Dr. C. J. Varghese and Dr. N. K. Jayaram.

The name INSTITUTION OF HOMEOPATHS KERALA was proposed by Dr. Ravi N. Nair.

The name IHK NEWS was proposed and written by Dr. C. J. Varghese

01.03.87 Second SEC at Alapuzha. Enquiry report on Cooperative Pharmacy,
Alapuzha was submitted. 8th Unit at Cherthala, got recognition.
Resolved to work against the quacks and patent drugs. Resolved to form a trust under IHK for research and continuous studies. The sub-committee,
with Dr. N. I. Babu as the chairman, was assigned to prepare a Charter of Demands for submitting before the government. A boating to Pathiramanl.
29.03.87 IHK got registered. No.264/87 (as per Travancore-Cochin Literary
Scientific Charitable Societies Act 12, 1955).
The Ninth Unit at Thiruvalla was inaugurated.
11.04.87 232 nd Birthday Celebration of Hahnemann and 2nd State Science Seminar ­at Dr. M. N. Pilla Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram, inaugurated by
V. Krishnamurthi, Health Secretary. Moderator-Dr. K. Z. George. Gen. Secretary, Dr. C. J. Varghese prepared and published Conduct Rules For the evaluation and assessment of the performance of units since 1987.
03.05.87 A sub-committee, with Dr. G. Harikumar as the chairman, was set up to form a Trust under IHK
19.07.87 3rd State level Seminar at Ernakulam – Dr. T. M. Dhananjayan, Faculty. Topic: Genetic Based Pulmonology.Official Flag of IHK was designed and given to the Units. A memorandum was sent to the government, demanding (a) Any topic pertaining to Homoeopathy has to be discussed with IHK. (b) To include the State President of IHK in the State Advisory Committee. (c) To include a representative of IHK when matters pertaining to public health, especially Homeopathy. (d) Protested against the closure of Department of Mentally Retarded at CRIH.
02.08.87 8th Unit inaugurated at Cherthala. President: Dr. A. S. Jayan, Secretary: Dr. A. R. Mallan
16.08.87 10th Unit inaugurated at Trichur. President: Dr. B. Venugopal, Secretary: Dr. M. Babuji.
18.10.87 IVth State Science Seminar at Alapuzha. Topic: Homoeopathic Prophylaxes
13.12.87 12th Unit at Kayamkulam. President : Dr. John K. Chacko, Secretary: Dr. K. M. Thomas.
18.12.87 13th Unit at Kozhikkodu. President: Dr. K. M. Uvais, Secretary: Dr. K. B. Ramesh.
20.12.87 14th Unit at Idukki. President: Dr. P. J. George, Secretary: Dr. Georgekutty Mathew.
27.12.80 15th Unit at Aluva. President: Dr. R. Ravindranath, Secretary: Dr. J. Shakthikumar Pai.
31.12.87 16th Unit at Ettumanoor.  President: Ram K. Nair, Secretary: Joshy Thomas.

IInd State Annual Convention and Vth Science Seminar at Thiruvalla, inaugurated by Eminent Swami Athuradas. Mathew T. Thomas, MLA, 
and C. A. Mathew, MLA, enriched the dais. Presentation on Infertility by Dr. Abdul Lathif. Dr. Jayanthi Nambiar presented a topic on
Back to Hahnemann.
Dr. Ravi M. Nair and Dr. C. J. Varghese were again elected President and Secretary respectively. Dr. C. J. Varghese was elected Chief Editor and Dr. N. K. Jayaram Managing Editor of IHK NEWS.

1. 17th Unit at Palaghat. President: Dr. Gopikrishnan, Secretary: Dr. Krishnamohan. IHK Lapel Pins distributed. Dr. N. K. Jayaram undertook the task.Resolved not to take up the ads, sale and promotion of patent drugs Conducted an intercollegiate competition viz. Similia Festival  for the first time at Athurasram Homoeopathic Medical College, Kottayam, inaugurated by Dr. U. R. Anandamoorthy. Swami Athurasram graced the event.

10.04.88 IVth State Science Seminar at Kozhikkodu. A class on Value of Pathological and Biochemical Data led by Dr. R. S. Pandiyan. Mrs. Haimavati 
Thayattu, Prof. K. M. Prasad, Pro-vice Chancellor, were the chief guests. 18th Unit at Pala and 19th Unit at Punnalloor got recognized.
24.04.88 20th Unit at Harippad.
17.07.88 VIIth State Science Seminar at Cherthala, inaugurated by the Minister, K. R. Gauri, felicitations by Vayalar Ravi. Topics: Nutrition Problems and     Primary Complex. 21st Unit at Vayanadu.
14.08.88 Allopathy profession as a whole started a strike against the Medical  Practitioners Bill Draft, stating that it encouraged mixed medication and   that surgery as exclusively Allopathic. They misled the people. All the organizations in Homoeopathy sector  in Kerala, including IHK, formed a Coordination Committee, Dr. K. V. John as its convener.
01.09.88: 22nd Unit at Kasaragodu. President: Dr. V. Ravindran Pilla.
04.09.88: The trust intended to form was named IHK TRUST. Its bylaw recognized.
27.09.88: 23rd Unit at Malappuram. President: Dr. John Benitto.
02.10.88 24th Unit at Karunagapalli.

IHK TRUST inaugurated by Central Minister, Shri. S. Krishnakumar at Kollam VIIIth State Seminar, inaugurated by former minister J. Chitharanjan. Shrimati. Bhargavi Thankappan, and Shri. B. Willington participated.
Topic: Hypertension and Homoeopathy, presented by Dr. G. Harikumar. Requested the government to open more ESIs, especially at Kollam.

08.01.89: IIIrd Annual Convention at Trichur, inaugurated by Shri. V.V. Raghavan, Minister for Agriculture. IXth State Science Seminar, inaugurated by Lonappan Nambadan, Minister.  Topic: Urolithiasis, presented by  Dr. K. Z. George. Decided to shift IHK NEWS Publication to Thiruvananthapuram, with Dr. K. Z. George as Chief Editor and Dr. Bijoy Thomas as Managing Editor, but started publishing only in August.Elected Dr. N. K. Jayaram 3rd State President, Dr. C. J. Varghese Gen.Secretary third time, and Dr. N. P. Joseph Treasurer. Decided to reduce State Seminar from 4 to 3 a year.
05.03.89: IInd Similia Festival at V. J. T. Hall, Thiruvananthapuram, inaugurated by Chandrasekharan Nair, Minister.Censure punishment to Dr. C. J. Varghese for criticizing a joint secretary in IHK NEWS, who spoke against the Surgery Training of Homoeopathy doctors  in IHK. Assigned Dr. Ravi M. Nair as the Chairman of 2nd Centenary Celebration of Homoeopathy.IHK units were set under three zones; North, Middle, and South Zones. Dr. M. Purushothaman for North, Dr. R. Balakrishna Pilla for Middle, and Dr. K. Surendranathan Pilla for South Zone were the first zonal secretaries. 25th Unit at Moovattupuzha.
April 89: 26th Unit at Attingal 27th Unit at Neyattinkara. Completed 27 months activities. The Editorial of Dr. K. Z. George put the government medical officers in trouble. SEC strongly reacted. He resigned. 28th Unit at Paravur 29th Unit at Nedumangadu. Kayamkulam did not renew.
18.07.89: Strike led by IMA, KGMOA, Medicos on the ground that surgery and gynecology are exclusively of Allopathy, Homoeopathy students should not be taught, Allopathy doctors should not teach them these systems. IHK managed to convert the public opinion against them. Hence they had to repeal the strike.
04.08.89: Academic Council allowed starting graded degree course in Kerala University. IHK praised the effort of Homoeopathy Faculty Dean, Dr. Ravi M. Nair.
06.08.89: 30th Unit at Adoor.
Chief Editor, Dr. K. Z. George withdrew his resignation.
01.10.89: Dr. K. V. John was nominated formal candidate of IHK for C. C. election.Because of many other nominations, a voting through secret ballot was declared. 11th State Science Seminar at Changanacherry. Minister T. K. Ramakrishnan,Kanam Rajendran, M.L.A.; Umman Chandy, M.L.A.; participated. Symposium: Surgery in Medical Practice. Life Membership came in effect. Decided to depute a State Observer.
25.11.89: CCH Election.
26.11.89: Rebel candidates admitted their fault. Pledged not to repeat such activities.
27.11.89: Despite much opposition, Dr. K. V. John was declared elected. Discussions on bicentenary celebrations held.
06.01.90: IVth Anniversary and 12th State Science Seminar at Darsana, Kottayam. Congratulated Dr. K. V. John. Membership in SEC. Resolved to include IHK Trust Chairman and Secretary in SEC. Dr. N. K. Jayaram was again elected State President, Dr. Jacob Mathew- Gen. Secretary, and Dr. K. K. Kalidasan-Treasurer. Decided to commence bicentenary celebrations.
07.01.90: Shri. Varkala Radhakrishnan, speaker, inaugurated the celebrations. Ramesh Chennithala, MP, and T. K. Ramakrishnan, M.L.A. took part.
11.02.90: Officers Training Seminar at Trichur. Bicentenary Celebration Committeeofficeholders were selected. Dr. Ravi M. Nair-Chairman, Dr. C. J. Varghese-Convener General, and Dr. G. Giri Sankar-Treasurer.

IIIrd Similia Festival at Aluva. Decided to include H.B.C.C. Chairman and  Convener General in SEC. as members. Decided to name, Homoeopathy Bicentenary Celebrations 1990-96. Started a regular column in IHK NEWS under the title Bicentenary News as a part of organizing.
                The following were given the charge of:
                Dr. Sundaram Vellayudhan             : Publications
                Shri. M. K. D. Warier                     : Media
                Dr. P. U. Joseph                           : Medical Camp
                Dr. G. Harikumar                           : Exhibition
                Dr. R. C. Warier                            : Seminar and Conference
                Dr. S. Vidhyaprakash                    : Transportation (Conveyance)

First Academic Meet of IHK. HBCC Logo designed and finalized. Allopaths temporarily called off the strike. Homoeopathy gained more recognition through its peaceful resistance and protest.

26.04.90: Dr. V. T. Augustine was appointed as Advisor of Homoeopathy.
20.05.90: 13th State Science Seminar at Ernakulam. Celebrity guest: Dr. Parimal Banerji, Faculty. IHK gave strict warning against the allopathy practice and patent practice of the members.
13.07.90 :IHK NEWS got registered under Registrar of Newspapers India.(No. 44747/89)
31.07.90: Central Health Secretary clearly suggested, in the meeting of all Central
                Council Secretaries, Homoeopaths also should study surgery.
26.08.90: A Legal Committee was formed with Dr. K. K. Kalidasan as the Chairman.
                Congratulated Kottayam Unit for its protest against the striking Allopaths.
                Congratulated and thanked the Minister for Health, A. C. Shanmukhadas,
                for the following benevolent steps:
                *   Stopped diploma and started degree.
                *   P.G. Course in two government colleges.
 *  As per entry grade, parity to medical officers and tutors.
*  Allowance to house surgeons, including those in private colleges.
*  District medical offices in all districts.
*  Collegiate hospitals at Kozhikkodu and Thiruvananthapuram.
*  Departments and staff in government colleges as per CCH norms.
*  Rs.20 lakhs for cancer research.
*  Five acres of land for Central Research Center, Kurichy.
                I.H.K. submitted a memorandum demanding; KMP Bill, to start graded Degree course, more P.G. courses in government colleges, special D.M.E. for   Homoeopathy, direct payment for the staff in private Homoeo colleges,  U.G.C./Central pay for Homoeo teachers, special rules for Homoeo colleges,   P.S.C. notification for tutors selection, government dispensaries in all   Panchayath and Homoeo units in E.S.I. scheme.
16.09.90: 14th State Science Seminar at Attingal.   Presentation: Cancer by Dr. M. Krishnan Nair and team.   Inaugurated HBCC Fund Coupon distribution by Dr. V. T. Augustine.
13.12.90: Graded Degree Course Sanctioned.
23.12.90: 33rd Unit at Kodungallore.
06.01.91: Vth Annual Convention and 15th State Science Seminar at Alapuzha,   inaugurated by Minister, P. S. Sreenivasan. Rossamma Punnoose, M.L.A.   participated. Topic: Renal Disease, presented by Dr. Ismael Seth and   Dr. T. P. Elias. Discussed the HBCC Inauguration. Decided to conduct the officers training in three zones.   Number of SEC members was raised from 21 to 25. Elected Dr. N. I. Babu State President and Chief Editor, Dr. Jacob Mathew Gen. Secretary, and Dr. K. K. Kalidasan Treasurer. HBCC Slogan/Logo; Homoeopathy: Safe, Simple, Scientific, Economical,    and Effective for All was approved. Decided to propagate in all I.H.K. Publications.HBCC was accepted as the main activity of I.H.K. from 1991 to its finale.   Degree students on strike against Graded Degree.
09.03.91: CCH made 4-year DHMS on par with BHMS, only in service matters.
19.05.91: 16th State Science Seminar at Ranni. Chief Guest: Shri. Ummen Thalavadi. Presentation: Asthma and Allergy diseases by Dr. P.E. Abraham.
18.08.91: Shri. Chithirathirunal Balarama Varma Maharaja, a will-wisher of Homoeopathy, passed away. I.H.K. mourn his demise.
18.08.91: 4th Similia Festival at Thrissur, inaugurated by Shri. Therampil Ramakrishnan.
24.09.91: Grand Inauguration of HBCC at Kanakakkunnu Palace, Thiruvananthapuram by Shri. M. L. Phattedar. Citing National Council for Economic Research, he   stated Homoeopathy holds the 2nd position, considering the number people who  follow. Chairman, Dr. Ravi M. Nair, in his welcome speech, elaborated on the                  relevance of the HBCC Logo/Slogan. Dr. C. J. Varghese, convener, explained the Slogan Health to All through Health literacy. Sreejith Swami Athuradas blessed the gathering. Apart from the felicitation speeches, Dr. N. I. Babu submitted a memorandum. Many Doctors were honored for their meritorious contributions or services to    the society. A Booklet Homoeopathy that completes 200 Years was released.   An unprecedented crowd participated.
12, 13.10.91: Under the initiative of IHK an orientation course at Charalkunnu.   Subject: Case Taking and Repertoirization by Dr. M. P. Arya.
28.10.91: H.B.C.C. Kozhikkodu-Vynad District level Inauguration, by Shrimati. M. T.  Padma. P. V. Mohammed MLA was present.
17.11.91 H.B.C.C. Trichur District Inauguration by Minister, Shri. P. P. George.   V. V. Raghavan was present.
24.11.91: 34th Unit at Vypin.
15.12.91 : 35th Unit at Vadakara.
18.12.91: 36th Unit at Thrippunithara.
29.12.91: 37th Unit at Kanjirappally. 38th Unit at Karukachal. 39th Unit at Kunnamkulam.
4, 5.1.92: VIth State Convention and 17th State Science Seminar at Kozhikkodu, inaugurated by A. Sujanapal MLA. Shrimati. K.C. Rossakutty MLA present. Classes on AIDS by Dr. D. P. Rasthogi and Depression by Dr. K. A. Joseph. Managing Editor, Secretary of IHK NEWS included in SEC Elected Dr. N. I. Babu President and Chief Editor, Dr. Sundaram Velayudhan Gen. Secretary, and Dr. K. K. Kalidasan Treasurer.
26.01.92: H.B.C.C. Alappuzha District level Inauguration by T. J. Angelose, MP.
16.02.92: H.B.C.C. Kannur-Kazaragodu District Inauguration at Neeleshwaram by N. Ramachandran, MP. Put up a strike for the direct payment to Private College Staff, called off on the assurance of the Minister.
24.05.92: 18th State Science Seminar, inaugurated by Thomas Chazhikadan MLA and HBCC Kottayam-Idukki District inaugurated by Shri. M. M. Jacob Dr. T. P. Alias presented the topic and Swami Athuradas blessed the gathering.
20.09.92: 19th State Science Seminar at Kayamkulam, inaugurated by Thachadi Prabhakaran, MLA. Topic: Bronchial Asthma by Dr. Jawahar Sha. K. Kesavan MLA and M. Murali, MLA present.
08.11.92: 40th Unit at Piravom.
10.01.93: VIIth State Convention and 20th Science Seminar and Family Meet at Kollam,Inaugurated by Minister, R. Balakrishna Pilla. Topic: Nutrition by Dr. C. R. Soman. Elected Dr. K. Unnikrishna Pilla President, Dr. Sundaram Velayudhan Gen. Secretary, Dr. K. K. Kalidasan Treasurer, and Dr. Jacob Mathew Chief Editor. Government sanctioned 22 government dispensaries, DMO office at Kottayam, and hospital at Paravoor.
27.04.93: Mourned the demise of Dr. Ram K. Nair. HBCC Convener, Dr. C. J. Varghese called for One member, One Rupee/day
 for the success of the celebration.Adopted 238 cancer patients to mark the 238th Birthday of Dr. Hahnemann.Similia Laboratories sponsored the drugs required.
13.09.93: 21st State Science Seminar at Attingal, but, for the first and the last, it did not take place due to PSC test for Medical Officers. Opinion of I.H.K. was all the more validated and confirmed. One more member in SC if there are more than 50 members – resolved. 50% Attendance in SC, SEC meeting was made mandatory to be elected   to the post of President, Gen. Secretary, and Treasurer.
13.11.93: Two days seminar at Thiruvananthapuram on Classical Homoeopathy in Practice by Dr. Rajan Shanker.
8, 9.01.94: VIIIth State Convention and 22nd State Seminar at Pala. Topic: Skin Diseases by Dr. A. Ismael Seth. Minister K. M. Mani and P. C. Thomas MP present. Elected Dr. K. Unnikrishna Pilla President, Dr. Muhammad Aslam Gen. Secretary, Dr. G. Unnikrishnan Nair Treasurer, and Dr. K. N. Santhoshkumar Chief Editor.
01.05.94:   41st Unit at Chalakudy,
29.05.94:  23rd State Seminar at Aluva.  Decided to organize 125 medical camps to mark the 125th Gandhijayanthi. 
09.10.94:   24th State Seminar at Ernakulam, Inaugurated by Minister, T. M. Jacob. Paper: Rheumatology.  Protested against Electrohomoeopathy Institutions. Made fraud institutions close.Directions - Why should Homeopaths work united? of Dr. C. J. Varghese were published in IHK NEWS. Homoeo Medicos on strike against Graded Degrees.  Observed as Life Membership Year with the aim of making IHK a life organization.
14, 15.01.95: IXth Annual Convention and 25th State Science Seminar at Kozhikkodu, inaugurated by M. T. Padma. A. Sujanapalan MLA and C. P. Balan Vaidhyar MLA were present. Topic: Nosodes by Dr. S. K. Thiwari. Elected Dr. Ismael Seth President, Dr. T. N. Parameshwara Kurup Gen. Secretary, Dr. G. Unnikrishnan Nair Treasurer, and Dr. Jacob Mathew Chief Editor. Despite the Government Order, direct payment to private Homoeopathy staff not effected.
March ‘95: Accident to Dr. T. N. P. Kurup. Dr. R. Balakrishna Pilla was given charge of Gen. Secretary.

26th State Science Seminar at Kayamkulam, inaugurated by V. M. Sudheeran, Minister for health. Topic: Respiratory Diseases by Dr. S. Mohammed Alim.   A detailed memorandum was submitted.

  • Kerala Medical Practitioners Bill.
  • HBCC.
  • A National Institute in Kerala.
  • Health Policy.
  • Clinics/Dispensaries in more panchayaths.
  • Direct Payment.
  • School Health Program.
  • UGC scale for teachers.
  • Kerala Homoeopathy Pharmacy Act ­­--  were the demands included in the

Memorandum. The minister assured that a commission will be appointed to Study the issues in Homoeopathy Sector and submit a report.

07.06.95: Government order forming Homoeopathy Commission, with reference to the demands included in the memorandum. Chairman: C. P. Ramakrishna Pilla, Member Secretary: Dr. Ravi M. Nair, and Members: Dr. A. S. Jayan, Dr. M. A. Kuttappan, and Dr. A. Ismail Set. Later Dr. Premachandran was also included.
13.08.95: Academic Meet and Employees Meet at Kottayam.
01.10.95: 27th State Science Seminar at Thiruvananthapuram, inaugurated by Dr. A. S. Jayan. Topics: Common Psychic Disorders by Dr. K. A. Kumar and Role of Immunology on Health by Dr. Joy Philip.
13, 14.1.96: Xth Annual Meet and 28th Science Seminar at Kottayam, inaugurated by   Dr. T. Alias. Papers: AIDS by Dr. K. R. Janardhanan Nair and Homoeopathy, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Dr. T. Alias. Bylaw amended in view of including 10 District coordinators, 8 ex-officie   members, and 15 general members.
15.02.96: 42nd Unit at Pandalam.
03.02.98: Verdict of the High Court; Justice Abdul Gafur, based on the petition filed by IHK. The government was directed to prepare a recognized list within six months, in order to control fraud practitioners.
01.03.98:  A seminar on CANCER, chief guest: Speaker, B. Vijayakumar.
05.04.98: 34th State Science Seminar at Harippad, inaugurated by A. V. Thamarakshan.
26.04.98: Manjeri and Vypin Units recognized.
27.09.98:  Homoeopathy Jubilee Sangamam - 98at Thiruvananthapuram. Silver Jubilee of Homoeopathy Central Council Act – 1973, Silver Jubilee of Kerala Homoeopathy Department, Concluding of HBCC State Meet, and the release of the booklet, Radayiramandode Evarkkum Arogyam Homoeopathyiloode prepared by IHK, inaugurated by the Speaker, M. Vijayakumar and chaired by A. C. Shanmughadas, Minister for health. Swami Athuradas graced the function. Dr. C. J. Varghese presented the report of the HBCC. The work was released by Shrimati. B. Sugathakumari. Antony Raju, MLA and K.V. Surendranath, former MP, felicitated. Dr. M. P. Arya and Dr. V. T. Augustine presented the paper.  Organizing Secretary: Dr. V. S. Sasikumar.
11.10.98:  35th State Science Seminar at Kanjangad, inaugurated by J. Chitharanjan, MP.Paper: Prescription Strategies in Homoeopathy by Dr. Muneer Ahemmed, Bangalore. Dr. Veerabrahmachary, CCH member, and M. Narayanan. MLA were present.
25.10.98: Beginners Training Seminar at Kottayam, inaugurated by Dr. Jose James, Registrar, M.G. University.
9, 10.01.99:

XIIth Annual Convention and Science Seminar at Trichur, inaugurated by V. V. Raghavan, MP. Seminar was inaugurated by Therampil Ramakrishnan, MLA, and Dr. A. Ismail Set, Dr. K. B. Ramesh, Dr. G. Harikumar, and Dr. V. P. Gopinath presented the paper. Elected Dr. G. Giri Sanker President, Dr. I. R. Ashokkumar Gen. Secretary, Dr. S. G. Biju Treasurer, and Dr. Sundaram Velayudhan Chief Editor. Three more new Units at Mukkom, Balussery, and Kilimanoore.

March ‘99: Dr. Jacob Mathew went to US.
12, 11.4.99: IHK Trust Seminar conducted at Ernakulam conducted by Dr. K.B. Ramesh
18.04.99: Representatives of all Homoeopathy Organizations in Kerala assembled and formed United Movement Against Quacks ( UMAQ)
14. 05.99:  A strong advocate of Homoeopathy, Guru Nithya Chaithanya Yathi dead.   IHK mourned his death.

37th State Science Seminar at Kollam. Topic: Thyroid Diseases. On behalf of IHK, Farewell to Dr. Ravi M. Nair, who retired from Government service.

05.09.99:  38th State Science Seminar at Kodungalloor, inaugurated by CCH member, Dr. C. J. Varghese. Paper presented by Dr. Abdul Rahman, Dr. Jayakumar M. Panackal, and Dr. N. K. Jayaram. Dr. Jayakumar Njarackal was honored and Donned with a shawl by Dr. Ravi M. Nair. Struck the idea of having a home of its own for I.H.K.
19.12.99:  Formed committee, with Dr. C. J. Varghese as the Chairman, to organize International Homoeopathy Congress. Unfortunately, it did not come to be. IHK Year was altered from Calendar Pattern to Fiscal Year; April to March.  Decided to extend the term of the officeholders for three more months.
02.01.’00: 39th State Science Seminar at Pathanamthitta, inaugurated by K.K. Nair MLA. Presentation by Dr. S. Gopinath Kottayam and Dr. B. T. Rudresh Bangalore. 50 Government Homoeo Dispensaries more sanctioned by V. C. Khabeer, Minister for Health. District Science Seminars conducted in many districts.    
07.01.00: A Draft of Homoeopaths Organizations’ Protection in Emergencies (HOPE) was presented.February 2000 Issue of IHK NEWS paid homage to Dr. S. N. Padiyar.  
02.03.’00: Press Meet organized by UMAQ at Kozhikkodu.
1, 2.04.00 XIIth Annual Convention and 40th Science Seminar at Thiruvananthapuram. Elected Dr. G. Girishanker President, Dr. S.G. Biju Gen. Secretary, Dr. Babu K. Nobert Treasurer, and Dr. Ravi M. Nair Chief Editor.
30.04.’00 Concept of miasm and Its Relevance in Practice was accepted as the topic of   continuous studies for the year 2000. ASSESSMENT: Four units inactive. IHK NEWS much improved under the    new editorial board. Membership higher (53%) than the target (50%).
5,6.08.’00: Two days Orientation Class on Chronic Miasm by Dr. C. J. Varghese, organized by IHK Trust at Ernakulam.
07.08.’00 Dr. Ravi M. Nair, CCH Executive Member, on completion of the term, resigned. His authority in Homoeopathy and his fight for IHK are laudable.
17.12.’00 Following the resignation of IHK NEWS Chief Editor, Dr. Ravi M. Nair, September, October, and November issues could not be published. Dr. T. N. Parameshwara Kurup was given the charge of the Chief Editor.
07.01.01: 42nd State Science Seminar at Cherthala, inaugurated by Justice M. R.   Hariharan Nair. Class on Allergic Disorders. Presentation: Fever by  Dr. Somasundara Paniker.
28.01.01:  First Family Meet of IHK at Kumarakom.
10.02.01:  Restarted Similia Festival, Vth Festival at Kottayam.
11.02.01: Academic Meet at Kottayam.
11.03.01:  Dr. V. K. Jayakumar Njarackal dead.
7,8.04.01 XIVth Annual Convention and 43rd Science Seminar at Kollam, inaugurated by M. Gangadhara Kurup, PSC Chairman. Number of IHK Members exceeded 2000.  Elected Dr. K. N. Santhoshkumar President, Dr. S. G. Biju Gen. Secretary, Dr. K. K. Muneer Treasurer, and Dr. G. Gopakumar Chief Editor. Topic: Pediatric Dyspnea by Dr. S. Chandrashekharan.  Vadakara and Kuttipuram Units renewed. New Unit at Chottanikkara.
11.04.01: Hahnemann Birthday Celebration at Kuruchi organized by IHK   in association with AIR Thiruvananthapuram Station. Dr. C. J. Varghese   made a presentation on Homoeopathy: Medical Science of the Century and Dr. T. N. Sreedhara Kurup on Homoeopathy and Preventive Medications.  Station Director, G. Jayalal was present.
26.05.01: Active members of IHK, Dr. R. S. Boss died in a road accident and   Dr. Thomas Ambadan and Dr. Prassanna Kumar passed away.
26.08.01: 44th Science Seminar at Thalaserry. Topics: Holistic Practice of Homoeopathy
 by Dr. Isaac Mathai and Adenotonsillitis by Dr. P. K. Sudheer.
02.09.01:  Dr. V. N. Asokan dead.
6, 7.10.01: Two-day Seminar of IHK Trust at Peechi. Topic: Total Cure Through Miasmatic Approach by Dr. C. J. Varghese. 
04.11.01:  A follow-up seminar for the participants of Peechi Seminar at Thiruvalla, conducted by Dr. C. J. Varghese.
23-26.11.01 Homoeopathy Avakasha Prakyapana Kerala Yathra from Kasaragodu to to Thiruvananthapuram. 23-point Demands were presented before Chief Minister, A. K. Anthony, Dr. M. A. Kuttappan, Minister, and Babu Divakaran Inaugurated by C.T. Ahemmed Ali, MLA, and Dr. T. N. P. Kurup, Dr. K. N.  Santhoshkumar, Dr. T. Dhanapalan, Dr. Sundaram Velayudhan, Dr. S. G. Biju Dr. G. Gopakumar and Dr. K. C. Prasobhkumar participated.
16.12.01: 45th Science Seminar at Ernakulam. 530 Participants in a hall that can accommodate 450. Presentation by Dr. Praphul Vijaikar, Faculty.     
03.01.02: Former Homoeopathy Deputy Director, Dr. K. Sachit dead, Kozhikkodu.
5, 6.01.02: SUCCESS-2002, a program, organized by IHK Trust and conducted by   JC. Balachandran and JC. Nandakumar.
27.01.02:  PRIYAM-2002, 2nd Family Meet at Alappuzha. Chief Guest: Fasil, Film Director.
10.02.02:  SEMINARY WITH JAN SHOLTEN (Netherlands), at Ernakulam. Dr. Ravi M. Nair took charge as Homoeopathy Advisor at Delhi.
27, 28.04.02: XVth Annual Convention at Kodungaloore, inaugurated by Minister
 M. M. Hassan. Presentation by Dr. Satheesh and Dr. C. J. Varghese.  Elected Dr. K. N. Santhoshkumar President, Dr. K. C. Prasobhkumar Gen. Secretary, Dr. K. K. Nazeer Treasurer, and Dr. G. Gopakumar Chief Editor. New Units at Kanjangadu and Piyannoor. Honored the Advisor, Dr. Ravi M. Nair.
18, 19.05.02: KNOW THE MIND: IHK Trust Training Program, conducted by Rev. T. J. Thomas. IHK web site inaugurated.  HEAL, IHK Trust Publication inaugurated.
20.05.02: Dr. M. Somasundaram of Trichur dead.
23.06.02 Leadership Training Program at Moovattupuzha, Chief Guest: Johny Nelloor. Building Construction Committee formed.
01.09.02:  47th Science Seminar at Kottayam. Proposal and procedures to buy 5 cents of land for the building construction.
29.09.02:  4-Day Seminar (29.09, 27.10, 24.11, and 29.12.02) on MIASM conducted by Dr. C. J. Varghese at Kannur.
15.11.02:  Bought 5 cents of land at Enjackal, Kovalam-Thiruvananthapuram high way.
29.12.02:  48th Science Seminar at Kozhikkodu, inaugurated by Dr. M. K. Muneer,  Faculties: Dr. P. S. Sugathan and Dr. R. S. Pandian.
4, 5.01.03: SUCCESS-2003, Training Program of IHK Trust at Pala. Pilot Faculty:   J. C. Cherian Varghese.
13.01.03: 3rd Family Meet of IHK at Kollam. Chief Guest: Actor O. Madhavan.
19.01.03: Dr. G. Gopakumar resigned from the post of Chief Editor. Dr. S. G. Biju took over the charge.
27, 28.4.03:

XVIth Annual Convention and 49th Science Seminar at Alappuzha. Elected Dr. Sundaram Velayudhan President, Dr. K. C. Prashobhkumar Gen. Secretary, and Dr. V. M. Kunjimoideen Treasurer. Web Site of IHK activated:  www.

17, 18.05.03: IHK Trust Workshop at Kannur.  Topic: Homoeopathic Art of Interrogation, Analysis, Prescription, and Followup by Dr. S. G. Biju, Chief Faculty.
05.06.03:   IHK suggested certain amendment to Unified University Bill Draft.
22.06.03:  Kothamangalm Unit, inaugurated by V. J. Paulose MLA. Serial Article Kentinte Rubricukaliloode Oru Pariyadanam of Dr. K.C. Suresh Babu published in IHK NEWS.
13.07.03: IHK Golden Seminar; 50th State Science Seminar at Aluva, inaugurated by A. K.  Mohammed Ali, MLA. Honored Dr. C. J. Varghese for participating in all 50 seminars. Classes by Docs. S. G. Biju, Isaac Mathai, Suvarna Nalapattu, and Krishnamohan.
10.08.03: First Trainers Training Prime Graduation Program at Aluva. Teaching Faculty Chairman Dr. C. J.  Varghese.
17,18. 08. 03: Homoeopathic Art of Interrogation, Analysis, Prescription, and Followup  by Dr. S. G. Biju, Chief Faculty at Thiruvalla. Shastragathi the journal of Kerala Shastra Sahitya Parishad ridiculed Homoeopathy through at serialized article Pakarchappanikalethe Homeopranayam. Many doctors, including Dr. B. S.Rajashekharan, reacted against it. Class on MIASM by Dr. C. J. Varghese, once in a month, for five months consecutively at Manjeri.  
19.10.03: 51st Science Seminar at Thiruvananthapuram, inaugurated by Ashwathi Thirunnal Thampuratti.  Dr. M. Krishnan Nair and Team of Regional Cancer Center introduced the   Topic and Dr. E. S. Rajaendran took the class.
3, 4.01.04: SUCCESS-2004, Training Program of IHK Trust conducted by Jc. Vaman Kumar.
08.02.04: IHK UTSAV-2004, State Family Meet at Chalakudy.
14.03.04 Dip. IHKT Examination of IHK TRUST, Docs. Unni Veliyath, Titty Daniel won the first and second rank respectively and Docs. Joy Thomas and John Mathew won the third rank.
24, 25.04.04 XVIIth Annual Convention and 52nd Science Seminar at Kozhikkodu.   Chief Guest: A. Sujanapal MLA.  Presentations: Relevance of Miasms in Everyday Practice by Dr. Muraleedharan and Diabetes by Dr. K. P. Sudhakaran Nair. Elected Dr. Sundaram Velayudhan President, Dr. S. Manilal Gen. Secretary, Dr. V. K. Kunjimoidheen Treasurer, and Dr. S. G. Biju Chief Editor.
06.06.04: LIA-2004, Leadership in Action, Leadership Training Program at                    Kothamangalam. 
24.06.04: In support of the reaction of Dr. C. J. Varghese against the misappropriation of CCH, Dr. S. Manilal, Gen. Secretary sent a petition to the Chairperson, Enquiry Commission, CCH.
19.07.04: Trainers Training Program hosted by Faruck Unit. One-day class on MIASM, extending for 5 months consecutively at Viakom,by faculty Dr. C. J. Varghese. 
01.08.04: 53rd Science Seminar at Karukachal, inaugurated by H.C. Justice K. Thankappan. Papers: Investigations and Treatment of Common diseases by     Dr. Savish Kumar, ECG by Dr. Johnson George, and An Eye Opener to the Real Potentials of Homoeopathy by Dr. C. J. Varghese. 
19.09.04:  MIASM Study Class by Dr. C. J. Varghese at Kottayam,(First Day). Subsequent Classes on 14.11.04, and 09.01.05.
10.10.04:  First day of three-day seminar (14.11.04 and 09.01.05) Steps to Classical
Homoeopathy Repertoirization and Case Taking at Thiruvananthapuram by Dr. S. G. Biju, faculty.     

54th Science Seminar at Adoor. Video Seminar of Dr. Rajan Sanker presented by Dr. Meghna Sha.Due to financial problem, November 2004 and March 2005 issues of IHK NEWS were released as single copy to mark the 250th Birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

29.11.04:  Dr. K. Z. George, an eminent personality and authority in Homoeopathy,   Kerala, dead. Homoeopathy Community of Kerala, especially IHK, paid   homage to the departed.  
05.12.04: 25th Editorial of Dr. S. G. Biju, in IHK NEWS. Dr. P. G. Hari courted arrest for his anti-vaccination campaign at Vaynad.
19.12.04: Annual Meet and Election of IHK TRUST at Changanassery.
26.12.04: TSUNAMI. IHK joined hands with REACH in the rescue and relief operation.
31.01.05:  IHK Bhavan construction, inaugurated by Dr. Sundaram Vellayudhan.  
6, 7.02.05: Dubai International Homoeopathic Conference at Dubai Crown Plaza, organized by Dr. A. Ismail and coorganized by IHK. It aimed at propagating Homoeopathy in the Middle East. Topics were presented by Doc. R. P. Patel, N. K. Jayaram, K. V. John, Ravi M. Nair, C. J. Varghese, S. G. Biju, and K. P. Nandakumar.
13.02.05:  Family Meet at Cherai Beach, Chief Guest: Cine actor Salimkumar. Resolved to raise the Membership fee and to collect IHK Building Fund in the State Committee.
23, 24.04.05: XVIIIth Annual Convention and 55th Science Seminar at Kottayam. Paper: Advanced Pathological Diseases by Dr. Ajayakumar Babu, Faculty.  Elected Dr. S. G. Biju President, Dr. S. Manilal Gen. Secretary, Dr. V. M.Kunjimoideen Treasurer, and Dr. Prasad Ummen George Chief Editor.  Shri. K. M. Mathew, Managing Editor, Malayala Manorama and Dr. Jhancy    James, VC, M. G. University enriched the function. Motto of New President: Empower To Enrich
07, 08.05.05: SUCCESS-2005 an IHK TRUST Program coordinated by Jc. Vaman   Kumar and Jc. Benny Kurian.
12.06.05: Leadership Excellence Accelerating Program (LEAP) at Vaikom. Chief Guest: Thomas Unniadan MLA. CCH Election Committee reorganized; Chairman – Dr. Sundaram Velayudhan, and Convener – Dr. K. C. Prashobhkumar.
24.06.05:   Trainers Training Program at Kottarakkara, by Jc. Vaman Kumar
03.07.05 :  One of the five Monthly Classes on MIASM: THE MASTER OF MIND.
27.07.05: A Submission presented by Thomas Unniadan, MLA, on Fraud Practitioners, Postal tuition, KMP Bill, in response to the petition filed by IHK.
07.08.05:  SEC of this date and SC of 21.08.05 resolved to strengthen the campaign against fraud practitioners.
August 05: Editorial The End of Homoeopathy in The Lancet with a view to defaming   Homoeopathy. Argued Homoeopathy is just a placebo In protest against it, IHK NEWS released a Special Edition.  IHK members protested against The Lancet through various media.
21.08.05: 56th Science Seminar at Harippad. Presentation: Cura Rapides-2005 by Dr. Yogesh Saigal and Dr. Sanjay Saigal.
02.10.05: IHK Trust Seminar. Faculties: Docs. K. Saji and P. V. Shiju.     
15, 16.10.05: Science Seminar organized by IHK and OGHMOK at Kozhikkodu,   graced by S. Ramachandran, Minster for Health and E. T. Mohammed Basheer, Minister for Education. Presentation by Subhrata Banerji and Jannet Robinson Banerji.
26.11.05: Secretariat March and Dharna at Thiruvananthapuram by IHK, inaugurated by Varkala Radhakrishnan. Mohan Kumar MLA spoke on the occasion. Main Demands: (a) Make Kerala Medical Practitioners Bill a regulation in Accordance with Homoeopathy Central Council Act of 19173. (b) Reorganize Kerala State Homoeopathy Council.
27.11.05 57th Science Seminar at Thiruvananthapuram. Topic: Case Taking and Repertoirization by Docs. S. M. Singh, Kishor Mehtha, P. P. Pagie,  A. T. Jugos, and S. S. Khulkarni.
23.11.05: Close scrutiny and withdrawal nominations of CCH candidates.
05.01.06: Dr. N. K. Jayaram, a founder leader and former president of IHK, and popular teacher dead. IHK mourn his demise. His death is an irreparable loss not only to IHK but to the whole Homoeopathy Community. Last day to reach the CCH election votes. Published a special bulletin of IHK NEWS before the election and mailed to all the Homoeopathy doctors.
06.01.06:  Counted the Votes of  CCH Election. IHK candidate, Dr. S. Vidhyaprakash   won by a margin of 436 votes. Next IHK NEWS was published as Dr. N. K. Jayaram Memorial Special.
02.04.06:  Family Meet, PERIYAR MEET at Kothamangalam. New Units at Kattappana, Athurasramam N.S.S.H.M.C. Kottayam, Varkala, and Mukkam. Petition for Kerala Medical Practitioners Bill was submitted to all MPs and  MLAs of Kerala.
09.04.06:  Dr. T. P. Alias dead. Former Principal of Homoeopathy College, Kottayam,  Teacher of many teachers and doctors, better known as Pappachan Sir, he was a synonym of simplicity, humility and paternal affection. IHK paid a glowing homage to him who had been the patron of IHK-Kottayam from the day of formation to date.
13.05.06 XIXth Annual Convention and 58th Science Seminar at Dr. N. K. Jayaram   Nagar, Trichur, inaugurated by Prof. Sukumar Azhikkode. Presentation: Miasmatic Scavenging by Dr. K. P. Nandakumar. Dr. C. J. Varghese was awarded with Best Homoeopath Award in memory of  Dr. N. K. Jayaram given away by Dr. Sukumar Azhikkode.  Elected Dr. Binoy S. Vallabhasserry President, Dr. V. M. Kunjimoideen  Gen. Secretary, Dr. B. Suresh Treasurer, and Dr. Prasad Ummen George. ZIRA, a film directed by Dr. D. Bijukumar bagged various awards. Central Government nominated Dr. K. V. John to CCH. Dr. A. N. Balachandran, the former Principal of Gov. Homoeopathy College, Kozhikkodu, dead.
15.06.06: A team consisting of Docs. Binoy S. Vallabhasserry, S. Manilal, and T. N. P. Kurup submitted a petition to Shreemathi Teacher, the Minister for Health.Dr. S. Vidhyaprakash selected to CCH Executive Committee.
25.06.06: LEAD – Leadership Excellence Advancement and Development Program at Alappuzha, inaugurated by K. C. Venugopal, MLA. Decided to issue Time Share Bonds in view of IHK Bhavan Building Fund.
23.07.06: Trainers Training Program at Ettumanoor.
13.08.06: SINDOORAM – Lady Doctors’ State Convention at Dr. Alias Pappachan    Hall, Kottayam, inaugurated by V. N. Vasavan MLA. Dr. Remadevi Ambadi, Chairperson and Dr. Shameena Salim, Secretary.
27.08.06: Unit at Pattambi. REACH was rejuvenated. Dr. M. P. Ravindranath, a reputed Homoeopathy Practitioner of Kottayam, and  a teacher of many doctors dead.   Dr. M. Mohandas of Kuttippuram dead.Legal Cell formed – Dr. S. Prem Prakash was the Chairman.