Milestones In The History Of IHK

The IHK is formed as a continuation of Homeopathic Medical Association of India. Dr, K.V. John, Dr. N. K. Jayaram, and some eminent doctors had taken part in the National Congress of HMAI held at Calcutta during the 1979-80. Dr. Ravi M. Nair, Dr. C. J. Varghese and Dr. B. Pardhasarathi who had been studying in National Institute of Homeopathy also participated with them in the Congress. Dr. C. J. Varghese continued with its works while he was working as the assistant in the clinic of Dr. K. V. John at Thiruvananthapuram . Then come an idea of “An Association for the Qualified Doctors” and under the leadership of Dr. C. J. Varghese in Thrissur zone and Dr. V. Ravindranathan Pilla, Dr. K.V. Francis, and Dr. Purushothaman in Kannur zone, “Doctors’ Council” came into existence. Dr. C. J. Varghese who was the State Joint Secretary of Keral Unit put forward the idea before HMAI State Executive Council (Meet) held at Kannur. It was unanimously acceptable because of the passive attitude of the national officials and certain discords.

As the first step, an ad hoc committee was formed. Dr. C. J. Varghese was assigned to prepare the bylaw. In due course, formalities of the formulation of association were accomplished.

The ad hoc committee recognized bylaw.

Inauguration of IHK. First State Convention and State Science Seminar held at Jawahar Balabhavan, Kollam. Dr. R. P. Patel presented the paper on Cancer and Homeopathy. First 7 Units: Alapuzha, Ernakulam, Kannur, Changanacherry, Ranny, Kollam, and Thiruvananthapuram.

First SEC Members: Docs. N. K. Jayaram, P. U. Joseph, K. V. John, Ravi M. Nair, G. Harikumar, G. Lenin, K.V. Pattel, M. M. Haneefa, E. N. Narayana Pilla, K. Mohanan, N. I. Babu, Shaji M. Stanely, K. K. Kalidasan, T. K. Unnikrishnan, and C. J. Varghese.


First State Officeholders:

Dr. Ravi M. Nair.
Docs. N. I. Babu and G. Lenin.
Gen. Secretary:
Dr. C. J. Varghese.
Joint Secretary:
Dr. K. K. Kalidasan.
Dr. N. K. Jayaram.

Zonal Organizing Secretaries: Docs. E. N. Narayana Pilla and T. K. Unnikrishnan. General Secretary expressed his desire to publish a monthly news bulletin called IHK NEWS and resolved to publish from the month of February onwards. A subcommittee, with Dr. N. I. Babu, as the Chairman, was assigned to submit a report on Cooperative Pharmacy, Alapuzha.
First issue of IHK NEWS in February 1987 written and published by the first Gen. Secretary, Dr. C. J. Varghese and Dr. N. K. Jayaram.
The name INSTITUTION OF HOMEOPATHS KERALA was proposed by Dr. Ravi N. Nair.
The name IHK NEWS was proposed and written by Dr. C. J. Varghese


Second SEC at Alapuzha. Enquiry report on Cooperative Pharmacy, Alapuzha was submitted. 8th Unit at Cherthala, got recognition. Resolved to work against the quacks and patent drugs. Resolved to form a trust under IHK for research and continuous studies. The sub-committee, with Dr. N. I. Babu as the chairman, was assigned to prepare a Charter of Demands for submitting before the government. A boating to Pathiramanl.


IHK got registered. No.264/87 (as per Travancore-Cochin Literary Scientific Charitable Societies Act 12, 1955). The Ninth Unit at Thiruvalla was inaugurated.


232 nd Birthday Celebration of Hahnemann and 2nd State Science Seminar ­at Dr. M. N. Pilla Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram, inaugurated by V. Krishnamurthi, Health Secretary. Moderator-Dr. K. Z. George. Gen. Secretary, Dr. C. J. Varghese prepared and published Conduct Rules For the evaluation and assessment of the performance of units since 1987.


A sub-committee, with Dr. G. Harikumar as the chairman, was set up to form a Trust under IHK


3rd State level Seminar at Ernakulam – Dr. T. M. Dhananjayan, Faculty. Topic: Genetic Based Pulmonology.Official Flag of IHK was designed and given to the Units. A memorandum was sent to the government, demanding (a) Any topic pertaining to Homoeopathy has to be discussed with IHK. (b) To include the State President of IHK in the State Advisory Committee. (c) To include a representative of IHK when matters pertaining to public health, especially Homeopathy. (d) Protested against the closure of Department of Mentally Retarded at CRIH.


8th Unit inaugurated at Cherthala. President: Dr. A. S. Jayan, Secretary: Dr. A. R. Mallan


10th Unit inaugurated at Trichur. President: Dr. B. Venugopal, Secretary: Dr. M. Babuji.


IVth State Science Seminar at Alapuzha. Topic: Homoeopathic Prophylaxes


12th Unit at Kayamkulam. President : Dr. John K. Chacko, Secretary: Dr. K. M. Thomas.


13th Unit at Kozhikkodu. President: Dr. K. M. Uvais, Secretary: Dr. K. B. Ramesh.


14th Unit at Idukki. President: Dr. P. J. George, Secretary: Dr. Georgekutty Mathew.


15th Unit at Aluva. President: Dr. R. Ravindranath, Secretary: Dr. J. Shakthikumar Pai.


16th Unit at Ettumanoor. President: Ram K. Nair, Secretary: Joshy Thomas.


IInd State Annual Convention and Vth Science Seminar at Thiruvalla, inaugurated by Eminent Swami Athuradas. Mathew T. Thomas, MLA, and C. A. Mathew, MLA, enriched the dais. Presentation on Infertility by Dr. Abdul Lathif. Dr. Jayanthi Nambiar presented a topic on Back to Hahnemann. Dr. Ravi M. Nair and Dr. C. J. Varghese were again elected President and Secretary respectively. Dr. C. J. Varghese was elected Chief Editor and Dr. N. K. Jayaram Managing Editor of IHK NEWS. 1. 17th Unit at Palaghat. President: Dr. Gopikrishnan, Secretary: Dr. Krishnamohan. IHK Lapel Pins distributed. Dr. N. K. Jayaram undertook the task.Resolved not to take up the ads, sale and promotion of patent drugs Conducted an intercollegiate competition viz. Similia Festival for the first time at Athurasram Homoeopathic Medical College, Kottayam, inaugurated by Dr. U. R. Anandamoorthy. Swami Athurasram graced the event.


IVth State Science Seminar at Kozhikkodu. A class on Value of Pathological and Biochemical Data led by Dr. R. S. Pandiyan. Mrs. Haimavati Thayattu, Prof. K. M. Prasad, Pro-vice Chancellor, were the chief guests. 18th Unit at Pala and 19th Unit at Punnalloor got recognized.


20th Unit at Harippad.


VIIth State Science Seminar at Cherthala, inaugurated by the Minister, K. R. Gauri, felicitations by Vayalar Ravi. Topics: Nutrition Problems and Primary Complex. 21st Unit at Vayanadu.


Allopathy profession as a whole started a strike against the Medical Practitioners Bill Draft, stating that it encouraged mixed medication and that surgery as exclusively Allopathic. They misled the people. All the organizations in Homoeopathy sector in Kerala, including IHK, formed a Coordination Committee, Dr. K. V. John as its convener.


22nd Unit at Kasaragodu. President: Dr. V. Ravindran Pilla.


The trust intended to form was named IHK TRUST. Its bylaw recognized.


23rd Unit at Malappuram. President: Dr. John Benitto.


24th Unit at Karunagapalli.


IHK TRUST inaugurated by Central Minister, Shri. S. Krishnakumar at Kollam VIIIth State Seminar, inaugurated by former minister J. Chitharanjan. Shrimati. Bhargavi Thankappan, and Shri. B. Willington participated. Topic: Hypertension and Homoeopathy, presented by Dr. G. Harikumar. Requested the government to open more ESIs, especially at Kollam.


IIIrd Annual Convention at Trichur, inaugurated by Shri. V.V. Raghavan, Minister for Agriculture. IXth State Science Seminar, inaugurated by Lonappan Nambadan, Minister. Topic: Urolithiasis, presented by Dr. K. Z. George. Decided to shift IHK NEWS Publication to Thiruvananthapuram, with Dr. K. Z. George as Chief Editor and Dr. Bijoy Thomas as Managing Editor, but started publishing only in August.Elected Dr. N. K. Jayaram 3rd State President, Dr. C. J. Varghese Gen.Secretary third time, and Dr. N. P. Joseph Treasurer. Decided to reduce State Seminar from 4 to 3 a year.


IInd Similia Festival at V. J. T. Hall, Thiruvananthapuram, inaugurated by Chandrasekharan Nair, Minister.Censure punishment to Dr. C. J. Varghese for criticizing a joint secretary in IHK NEWS, who spoke against the Surgery Training of Homoeopathy doctors in IHK. Assigned Dr. Ravi M. Nair as the Chairman of 2nd Centenary Celebration of Homoeopathy.IHK units were set under three zones; North, Middle, and South Zones. Dr. M. Purushothaman for North, Dr. R. Balakrishna Pilla for Middle, and Dr. K. Surendranathan Pilla for South Zone were the first zonal secretaries. 25th Unit at Moovattupuzha.

April 89

26th Unit at Attingal 27th Unit at Neyattinkara. Completed 27 months activities. The Editorial of Dr. K. Z. George put the government medical officers in trouble. SEC strongly reacted. He resigned. 28th Unit at Paravur 29th Unit at Nedumangadu. Kayamkulam did not renew.


Strike led by IMA, KGMOA, Medicos on the ground that surgery and gynecology are exclusively of Allopathy, Homoeopathy students should not be taught, Allopathy doctors should not teach them these systems. IHK managed to convert the public opinion against them. Hence they had to repeal the strike.


04.08.89Academic Council allowed starting graded degree course in Kerala University. IHK praised the effort of Homoeopathy Faculty Dean, Dr. Ravi M. Nair.


30th Unit at Adoor.


IHK TRUST REGISTERED. Chief Editor, Dr. K. Z. George withdrew his resignation.


Dr. K. V. John was nominated formal candidate of IHK for C. C. election.Because of many other nominations, a voting through secret ballot was declared. 11th State Science Seminar at Changanacherry. Minister T. K. Ramakrishnan,Kanam Rajendran, M.L.A.; Umman Chandy, M.L.A.; participated. Symposium: Surgery in Medical Practice. Life Membership came in effect. Decided to depute a State Observer.


CCH Election.


Rebel candidates admitted their fault. Pledged not to repeat such activities.


Despite much opposition, Dr. K. V. John was declared elected. Discussions on bicentenary celebrations held.


IVth Anniversary and 12th State Science Seminar at Darsana, Kottayam. Congratulated Dr. K. V. John. Membership in SEC. Resolved to include IHK Trust Chairman and Secretary in SEC. Dr. N. K. Jayaram was again elected State President, Dr. Jacob Mathew- Gen. Secretary, and Dr. K. K. Kalidasan-Treasurer. Decided to commence bicentenary celebrations.


Shri. Varkala Radhakrishnan, speaker, inaugurated the celebrations. Ramesh Chennithala, MP, and T. K. Ramakrishnan, M.L.A. took part.

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